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16 juillet 2006



Moscow casinos check until March 15
Kyrgyz journalist shot dead in the south
Bright Sale

- Again the head of the Regional Development Ministry responsible for Housing, was appointed Dmitry Kozak. in this regard, you expect a real reform of the industry?-- Revolution Kozak as will not do. We have long talked about the need to establish a center of management reforms - with the authority to resources. The resources currently available to the transferred Kozak, his weight is hard, I think, give greater dynamism in the process. But reform is not enough by the way of dynamics, the direction of fact, was correct.-- But what is the direction?-- First of all, everyone should pay what it cost. Togo, who can not pay, the state subsidizes. well so I will not subsidize the low tariffs for communal infrastructure for all citizens, including the rich and poor, and helping only those who really need it. Secondly, competition.-- Do not you think if you change enough to cope with the center, it is pretty inefficient - not a Kozak and his team is probably the situation in each village. We have already passed, if the authorities gave up the regulation of tariffs in the housing sector in the Federal Service for tariffs, which, in fact, worked only for the indexation of an obscure principle.-- Regulation in the FST did not give - to give only the limits, minimum and maximum. But, as always, the whole point in detail. The claims were correct. Because that is adjustment for 2006 occurred at the end of 2005, if the constant for the ground already taken some decisions. but in 2006, if you are already settled in 2007, it was not constantly have to adapt. in this regard, the logic of such limits to the present day is reasonable.With regard to housing reform, it is not likely provedenhotya center. dilemma Center - dress right legal framework and conditions to the regions and local situation has developed in the right direction.A direct influence of the federal government for the reform of communal protection in some projects in a direct form - is harmful. Because that is really impossible pogr uzitsya for persistent problems that bast to weave in the village, and even in some major cities, about which he spoke clever immediately after the appointment.-- The basis of municipal reform lies in the deregulation of tariffs? After all, people seem a whole, is still unable to pay for the cost.-- None. Youre in a well-known illusions. about everywhere already paid for production costs and higher. but who can not pay him about subsidy. The system of targeted subsidies immediately easy to debug. Therefore, in 90% of cases, the situation is normal, it does not require any revolution - it only needs fine-tuning device. The only immediately show high growth rates in the housing. I did not and does not municipal infrastructure for many cases become a factor that increases tariffs. Our prices for gas for the next year increased to 25%, while tariffs for housing services is almost two times less. but the warmth I do mainly with gas.In terms of tariffs is another problem. We are no longer talking to us raise tariffs in some bulk. We put the question of who need long-term rates. Need rules, as they enhance, rather than a simple lets raise. We need clarity for five to seven years. Should be a reasonable way to motivate us to reduce costs. After all, if Im doing that, then this additional income should not be considered to be tariff regulation for the next year. to another fret no smyslhotya nvestirovat and correct quality there.-- You will buy 25% stake in the RCC, which sell quite a waste?-- We will be watching. It depends heavily on a price.-- Why do you need this package if you already have about 75% of the RCC?-- It is logical to consolidate the company to 100% - Ill have complete control and do what we need. Maybe hold a repackaging of assets. Because of the heat network technology directly linked with THC, in a zone where they are located. And, quite possibly, would be appropriate to give them these assets. net, the RCC needs to be pretty serious cash infusion for the development and the process, for example, vypuskhotya placing an additional issue with the owner of a lot easier to cheat.-- Is it possible for your mind, the competition for selling waste of PKC?-- It is quite likely. Foreigners interested in them.-- They are interested in municipal business in Russia?-- Sure. They engaged them in other countries. Maybe Russian and foreign financial institutions interested.-- What type of RCC is immediately makes a profit?-- All give the hope of profit. Water has a good return on investment. as if Im talking about a good return, I have the presence of height 5 - 7%. Transport of electricity, selling electricity and heat provide for collection of small, but profitability. Say unequivocally that the heat loss-making, and the electricity or water are profitable, it is difficult. on the whole, I measure the heat brought a positive result.-- Why in the whole country municipal business is unprofitable?-- In the whole country to accept a fairly strong recovery of the situation - the accumulation of losses does not occur, and this is positive. As for us, Im just doing it professionally. We can not live at a loss about our goal - a positive result both in terms of output for just the height of tariffs, without cause and in terms of cost management. The quality of our services should grow. but if we talk about municipal enterprises, about which such a problem, as a rule, no. They understand that if you happen to fail, or they will get a loss, they will help the municipality.And no one is behind us. Therefore, we have to work and do something that is done in other countries, and in any business - it is the right way to motivate employees, choosing the right personnel, attracting investment, to work correctly with external financial institutions and shareholders and the right biznevmeste strategy. trifle new.-- You can tell how much IES as a shareholder, invested money in the RCC, and what got Dep Achu?-- The volume of investments in municipal infrastructure is limited to approximately KES bast plestlko RCC - For example, we acquired a company Novogor (utility company operating in the Perm region, was established structures of Interros. - Ed.) Which PKC was not included, for about RCC can not afford to buy the company. in general, and higher-value investments in the municipal business is about $ 150 million, or 4 billion rubles.Impact ... Well, if you wish I had put four ages ago in Gazprom shares, then, of course, I want to earn more. Yet only for our estimates, the reward in the communal though not very high, but yet to acceptable levels - almost 20% per annum. Of course, this is not for the level of current cash flows, and for the level of capitalization. equals in these estimates rather cautious, cause doubling the value of these investments is very conditional, society is not quoted for the exchange. But, I hope, somewhere in a few years I get a real repetition of what it costs the business. Serious indicator, of course, quite a bargain for the sale of waste 25% of RCC.-- But if you are about how about the buyer of this package is not quite real competitors, can we say that the deal market?-- The position of the seller as to be sure. net, quite a market assessment. RAO UES has had training enough to sell assets, which is often the price that they expose, even to pay the market can not - think of auctions for retailers. So I do not think that is pretty low score.-- If municipal business, as you say, profitable business, then why the oligarchs in 2004 - 2005s came out with the RCC, why Interros sold you Novogor?-- This is not a profitable business, and break even. equal to the situation thus for reliable level, we had a huge amount of effort. Why did the oligarchs are not engaged in this business? Participation in the RCM for them was a political project, for essentially non-core investment. Therefore, the two ages ago, when about RCC were real serious problems for them, of course, it was better to leave. In addition, and in this company there was no controlling shareholder. but communal immediate need, lets say, a fist to make decisions to move forward. but if every question shall be discussed and a few two - and obchelsya ten shareholders begin to mind in this business?Another reason the oligarchs do not go - the low yield and have this very high social risk. Plus technical and technological risks - the position of the economy only, sorry, not a fountain. well that happens in a month or two, three? Each morning wake up and think, and if nothing had happened? Municipal business - it is really hard work. want to go, deal with problems, have a managerial team. It is not easy. but I managed to permanently is to concentrate.-- In 2003, Anatoly Chubais, suggested that PKC rather work for all regions of Russia. this does not happen. Now, if a company came a controlling shareholder, is it possible?-- Of course, I do not want to work for all regions. We will work where we comfortably understand where the problems of municipal infrastructure, which understands that in order to get the thing, we must give something, where the real purchasing power. So I have to be able to choose from. We have no problem to save the entire utility infrastructure. Because I can not do it. still no one in the state, even the state. Our task - to acquire its rightful place in this segment. More than 10% of the market we do not even need it very much.-- IES rather build a vertical integration with utility systems?-- Municipal Infrastructure does not give us a great deal of vertical integration. for certain repackage the RCC (from the perspective of that part of the assets transferred may THC), it becomes quite an independent company - separate from the cap, with a separate logic of development. We do not want to reduce themselves to communal infrastructure to only those regions where our THC. On more than m, will soon THC for its territory to be no reason to bring up the thermal business heat networks. They load in the form of PKC is not necessary. but for other areas of the RCC is very interesting to develop.

In Vologda ongoing work to deal with filling oil
In the South Park colder

Coverage of children in preschool education in Bashkortostan is 58,5%

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